26 tháng 10 2012

Geo theme plugin - wordpress review plugin/business directory.

2 months ago, i start to build a website like Yelp by wordpress. So i try to Google 2 days, there are a lot of wordpress review plugin (include free + premium) for this purpose like MyReviewPlugin, Geo Places, etc... but all of them is not match my needs.

Fortunately, i found Geo theme plugin, it 100% match to my need. They have a lot of feature to support a Geo location review site like:

  • A big map with full screen feature allow user easy to find the location,  
  • Social connection, this feature allow user login with their Facebook, Google or Yahoo account without registration
You can check by yourselves about its features at Geotheme.com site

The Geo theme plugin actually is not a new invention, the author rewrite and fix some critical bugs base on Geo Places plugin with was provided by templatic.com.

Why people buy the Geo Theme Plugin instate of Geo Places? Key is the way Geo Theme support and the way they really focus on the the product. There are many and many complain about the very slowly support from Geo Places and there are a lot of bug, it is unacceptable for a commercial theme.

The video documents are really really helpful, you can watch theme without any questions. Here is the link

Here is the DEMO for Geo Theme Plugin

Finally, if you want to build a review plugin, business direcory or geo location review, Geo Theme plugin will satisfy your demand.

Purchase the plugin with $85 was here with full support from Geo Theme Plugin

If you are a developer or you are familiar with Wordpress, i think you just need to watch the video guide in Geo Theme to know how to setup your site. So if you are this person, you don't need to pay $85, just $4.99 to get the source from mine and do everything by yourselves. (This is not the null source, i have bought from Geo Theme for my site and there is unlimited domain).

This file include 3 folders:

  • GeoTheme_3.0.9.zip 
  • GeoTheme-child_1.3.3.zip 
  • GeoTheme-child-BLANK.zip
Here is the screenshot

If you have any problem about downloading, please send me email: beckerbao@yahoo.com

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